Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you services cost?

Our different services range from $1,000 to $6,750 for each individual service. Tax preparation fees may be larger but will depend on the complexity of each specific return (industry, amount of partners, complex financials, etc.)

What is the difference between Tax Advisory and Tax Preparation?

Tax Advisory is where you strategize and put a plan in place for your taxes. This is done through a series of phone calls and deliverables to ensure every area of your tax situation is covered. Tax Preparation is the compliance portion of your taxes. Preparing and filing your actual tax returns with the federal and state agencies.

Does your advisory service include tax preparation?

No, it does not. Tax Advisory and Tax Preparation are sold separately.

I may only need tax preparation right now, am I an ideal client?

Yes, you could be. If your tax returns are more complex than the average, having someone specialized in your industry is beneficial. We have other opportunities to receive advisory level services.

What makes TrueBooks different?

Customer service is our #1 priority. Where most firms are strictly transactional based we are reinventing those ways here at TrueBooks. Some of our services offer more one on one support, but at the end of the day  

If I want to learn more, what should I do?

We're currently accepting applications for anyone interested in our services. You can work with us by clicking the button in the top right corner of this page.

How can I ensure a smooth tax preparation process?

Our Tax Preparation fees assume your accounting work is complete and accurate. This means a Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet if you’re a business. If you need help with Accounting, we have an Accounting service to assist you!

Will you help me find tax deductions?

As part of our Tax Advisory service we will help identify what expenses you currently should be deducting given your current structure, as well as potential deductions for your business. As a rule of thumb, always start with what you’re currently spending money on as a potential deduction.

We help Investors & Entrepreneurs pay less taxes.

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